Winning for Whistleblowers

Fighting for Whistleblower Rights

If you are a whistleblower you have come to the right place. Kohn Kohn & Colpainto (KKC) is the first law firm in the nation exclusively dedicated to the representation of whistleblowers. Our journey began more than three decades ago and we have remained on the cutting edge of whistleblower advocacy ever since. We helped write whistleblower laws and have worked tirelessly to establish whistleblower reward laws. Our work on behalf of whistleblowers saved lives, protected the environment, freed the innocent, and ultimately allowed us to recovered billions of dollars stolen from taxpayers and innocent investors. Our many achievements led the National Law Journal to list KKC as one of the 25 top Plaintiff law firms in the entire nation. That was in 2003. Our continued success for whistleblowers led the National Law Journal to place KKC in its first new ranking system of the “Top 50 Elite Plaintiffs” law firms in the nation. So what actually sets us apart from every other top law firm in the nation? Although KKC attained the largest whistleblower recovery ever paid to a single individual ($104 million US), the real answer is that our success is solely based on helping whistleblowers. We reaffirm our pledge that the sole mission of our firm is to assist and defend whistleblowers.