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Alex “Sasha” Chepurko, blew the whistle on a $100 Million nationwide biofuels scam he discovered while working at Caravan Trading, a New Jersey-based company that made $50 million a year buying and selling the raw materials for making biofuel. Biofuel is a type of diesel derived from products like soybean, corn and recycled cooking oil.

Cherpuko was just 21 years old when he uncovered Caravan Trading’s $100 million biofuels scam, making him one of the youngest qui tam whistleblowers.

Chepurko noticed that 90% of Caravan’s business was with one company, which was turning the raw materials it bought from Caravan at above-market prices, into biofuel. Chepurko became suspicious and shockingly his boss confided to him that it was all a big scam.  Caravan was selling finished biodiesel to the company who pretended it made biodiesel and then applied for the government incentives and tax breaks for making green energy products. Cherpurko’s disclosures resulted in several individuals going to jail and the United States recouping millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money.

Chepurko was featured in the CBS Whistleblower episode the Case of “THE 100 Million Dollar Scam on August 31, 2018.

Chepurko is represented by Washington, D.C. qui tam whistleblower attorney David Colapinto.

Photo: Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL