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12 November, 2018

Swiss Bank Whistleblower’s Journey Recounted by Danish Media

IRS Whistleblower Bradley BirkenfeldToday the Danish publication Borsen, ran a feature article on UBS Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld in which he talks about his decision to become a whistleblower and what his life is like now.

Birkenfeld, who is represented by leading whistleblower and qui tam attorney in the United States, Stephen M. Kohn, won the largest ever individual whistleblower reward payment in 2012, a $104 million reward from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. 

Birkenfeld told Borsen that the money he received from the IRS whistleblower award has allowed him to travel around the world to push for better laws for whistleblowers. He and Kohn, an authority in whistleblower law, work to influence legislators throughout Europe to introduce laws that provide whistleblowers protection and financial compensation.

"But the most important thing is the effect my case has had and not my personal story. I really transformed a multimillion-sized offshore industry because I had the courage to make it happen," said Birkenfeld.

The original article in Danish is here.

The Google Translated English version is here

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