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IRS Whistleblower Program Collects Record $1.4B, Awards $312M

The “IRS program is now working and working remarkably well,” a lawyer says.

Swiss Bank Whistleblower’s Journey Recounted by Danish Media

Today the Danish publication Borsen, ran a feature article on UBS Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld in which he talks about his decision to become a whistleblower and what his life is like now.

Tax Court Denies IRS Motion for Reconsideration – Big Win Confirmed for Whistleblowers

The final decision keeps in place the landmark victory for whistleblowers by the Tax Court -- encompassing a broad definition of “collected proceeds” and holding that whistleblowers should receive an award based on all the dollars collected by the government due to the information they provide.


$3.4 Billion Recovered from Fraudsters $465 million paid in rewards   Washington D.C., January 12, 2017.  Today the Internal Revenue Service’s Whistleblower Office released its Annual Report documenting the progress of the tax whistleblower program.

UBS Whistleblower Chronicles the Demise of Swiss Banking Secrecy

In 2012, Bradley Birkenfeld made history when he obtained the largest whistleblower reward ever given to an individual whistleblower in the twenty-five year history of federal qui tam or whistleblower reward laws, for reporting IRS Tax Fraud.

Tax Court Ruling: Landmark Victory for Whistleblowers

A landmark precedent setting ruling, made it clear that whistleblowers can receive award payments for criminal penalties and civil forfeitures – not just tax payments made under Title 26.

7 Richest Snitches: Time to Rat Out Your Boss?

Ever dream of getting rich by blowing the whistle on your boss? People have—most recently Bradley Birkenfeld, the ex-banker whom the IRS paid a record $104 million for ratting out his former banking bosses who had helped U.S. clients to hide money in Swiss accounts.

The Washington Post: Blowing the whistle, getting a big payout

The Washington Post: Blowing the whistle, getting a big payout

New York Daily News: UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld deserves statue on Wall Street, not prison sentence

Barack Obama, who entered the White House promising all this change, should be hailing Bradley Birkenfeld as a modern-day hero. He should erect a statue on Wall Street for this former banker for Swiss giant UBS who blew the whistle on the biggest tax-evasion scheme in U.S. history.

AFP-Ex-UBS whistleblower may leave jail rich man

An ex-employee of Swiss banking giant UBS may leave prison a rich man thanks after he blew the whistle on a huge US tax fraud, CBS television said Sunday. Bradley Birkenfeld turned in thousands of people for trying to evade paying taxes in the United States. But he was sentenced in August to three years and four months in jail for inciting UBS clients to commit tax fraud.