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Whistleblower Attorney Kohn Says First Amendment May Protect Former FBI Director Comey's Disclosure of Memos

Under First Amendment, “you have a right to speech, even if you're a government employee with classification, and the public has a right to learn what your issues are," said KKC Partner Steve Kohn.

Friend of Court Brief Filed in Support of FBI Whistleblower Fired after Reporting Improper Spending

On December 6, 2016, the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) filed an amicus curiae brief in a matter before the Department of Justice in support of FBI Whistleblower Darin Jones. In 2012, Jones reported an improper award of a $40 million contract and other improper procurement spending at the FBI. The FBI fired him from his position as a Supervisory Contract Specialist, which Jones alleges was done as an act of retaliation for his whistleblowing.

FBI Whistleblowers Ask Federal Circuit to Uphold Whistleblower Protections for FBI Employees

October 6, 2016. Washington, D.C. Monday, the National Whistleblower Center and FBI whistleblowers Fred Whitehurst, Jane Turner, Mike German and Robert Kobus (Amici) filed an amicus curiae brief in a case before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The brief was filed in Parkinson v. Department of Justice in support of John C. Parkinson, a former FBI special agent and Iraq war veteran.

Senate Judiciary Committee Unanimously Approves FBI Whistleblower Reform

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, a bi-partisan bill designed to protect FBI whistleblowers.

FBI whistleblower recounts her experiences

GREENWOOD—The life of a government whistleblower is often frustrating and lonely. That’s according to Jane Turner, a former FBI agent who endured the wrath of the agency she loved when she exposed wrongdoing on the inside.

The Dissenter: FBI’s Culture of Hostility Toward Whistleblowers—And How Justice Department Permits Policy of Retaliation

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI retaliation against whistleblowers, FBI associate deputy director Kevin Perkins declared, “We will not and do not tolerate retaliation against whistleblowers in the FBI.” The astonishing remark was made as the committee chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley, reported that an FBI whistleblower had recently emailed him to report retaliation.

AP: Blunders in Big Cases Plague FBI

AP: Blunders in Big Cases Plague FBI