Rule 22: Whistleblower Statute – Delay is Deadly

Rule 22: Whistleblower Statute – Delay is Deadly

Don’t Delay in Filing Your Whistleblower Claim

Don’t miss the deadline for filing the whistleblower case!

Statutes and Regulations 

Key Cases 

Important Links 

  • Rule 6 – sets forth the “first to file” rule under the False Claims Act.

Additional Materials

Summary of filing deadlines for cases that must be originally filed in federal court.

Summarizes the deadlines for filing complaints under major Department of Labor laws.

Whistleblower Attorneys

Stephen M. Kohn – Founding Partner

Michael D. Kohn – Founding Partner

David K. Colapinto – Founding Partner

Mary Jane Wilmoth – Managing Partner

Todd Yoder – Associate Attorney

Kelsey Condon – Associate Attorney

Maraya Best – Associate Attorney

Siri Nelson – Legal Fellow



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